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BSS Services

Our Customers form the most important part of our business.The trust and the confidence that you repose in us,drives us to strive even greater heights of excellence. BSS offers you a variety of customized security options all based on specific client requirements shared in advance.

Labour contractors

Labour contractor can be defined as a manpower recruitment agency or a consultancy that provides any service directly or indirectly for recruitment of labor to a client. Issues related to Labour contractors include Inventory Losses, Forgery, Labour/ Employee Problems, Misappropriation, Commercial/Industrial Espionages, Workplace Violence etc.

Appropriate action will be taken against these things if there is any breach/ violation after investigation and will be handed over to the police.

Reception Investigation

Background and Antecedent checks for corporate houses

Brand Protection

Violation of copyrights/ trademarks

Setting up internal security cells for corporate houses/ industries

Tracking anonymous/threat calls

Matters relating to insurance, loans, claims etc

Beat Patrol

A thorough check of premises minimum twice during the shift

Checks on the client's existing security personnel, if deployed

Checks to ensure that the premises is properly locked

Ensure that no untoward activity is taking place

Immediate Response to an incident .

BSS Services

Fire and Safety

24 hours monitoring at central monitoring station

Highly skilled, trained

rapid response service

Systems to detect intrusion

fire, medical or any other emergency

First Aid

Bomb Threats / Explosions

Accidents ,Medical emergencies


Thefts / Pilferage

Criminal Acts / Behavior

Security Electronics

Mr. Suresh is the Manager & In Charge for the electronic systems and we help the customers with surveillance systems, Access Control Systems, Auto gates and barrier, Intrusion Detection Systems, Electronic locks, Fire rated door, Communication equipments which can prevent intruders/un authorized people entering into Office/Industrial premises

BSS Services

Secure Solutions

Armed security personnel

Ceremonial guard services for occasions
Facility Management services
Consultancy services
Training teams to conduct security awareness programmes
Pre and post deployment Verifications
Verifications and investigations

Training programmes in firefighting, firstaid, evacuation drill, personal security,access control,emergency

management,equipment security
Drivers services

BMS and CCTV operators

Security Consultant

Intelligence Networking

We have noticed that miscreants constantly use new methods and operate. BSS can organize an intelligence network by placing agents in the rank and file of workers and by patrolling outside to gain force warning of theft, cheat etc.
The number of such losses has been controlled. Since the men do these type of mal practices this way of action should be done with secrecy.

Material Management

Cross check on material incoming and outgoing from industry by security guards to check quality and quantity in a sheet to ensure that no misunderstanding can take place between supplier and purchaser. It can also gate passes effectively.

Unarmed Guards

As per the requirements of the clients we have unarmed guards, security supervisors for safety purposes.

They are strong, bold with uniform for quick identification. Unarmed Guards are in place for a wide range of situations within departmental stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, theatres, college and university campuses and other locations .
where their presence is required against criminal activities such as stealing cash or products. Unarmed guards are also often used as bodyguards for business people, actors & actresses.

More over unarmed guards are trained in physical defense techniques and are capable of providing protection because they have excellent physique and are perfectly trained.


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